Real return after taxes and fees

This shows how the different tax rules effect the total return in each type of account for different investment options.

 Quick Pick
% Gross Div Rate
% Cap Gain Tot Gain
% Interest Rate (ytm)
% Interest Coupon
yrs Bond Term
% Inflation Show on graph
% Dividend Marg Rate
% Marginal Rate
% RRSP Out Avg Rate
% RESP Grant
Years Held
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Type   NonReg RRSP TFSA RESP Mer% Mer
Canadian Domiciled
Canadian Equity
Equity, div->cg
Canadian FI
US Equity
Frgn Equity
US Eq Wrap
Frgn Eq Wrap
World Eq
US Domiciled
US Equity
Foreign Equity
World Eq
Withholding tax rates
% US->Cdn % Frgn->Cdn % Frgn->US
Sym Acct Div% Mer% Amt$ Tot$
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